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Got an Angry bird burger in a combo! Excellent presentaion, everything is fresh, and the chicken is absolutely well seasoned, and juicy! The flavours and spices on the spot! And the chips is perfectly seasoned too! And last but not least, a very good and welcoming environment. I absolutely recommend this place!

Seraj Abdi

Brilliant. These burgers are the BEST in the area. Seriously tasty, the beef and chicken burgers are amazing, and my daughter tells me the veg burgers are good too. My recommendation is the Times Square burger or the Southern fried chicken, go for the combo and get chunky fries, and a choice of soft drink. The shakes are amazing though, so don't be shy.

Margaret Nixon

Best burger place in the northern suburb. Absolutely delicious. The Times Square burger is a must. Service was great also. Keep up the good work mate. Will definitely be a customer here.


Absolutely exceeded all my expectations. Not only did my meal arrive in a surprisingly quick half n hour instead of the estimated hour, but what arrived was truly a meal fit for a king. I did not believe it was possible to have a burger of such high quality, not to mention chips so perfect and crispy, delivered to my door. I go to bed tonight with an unshakeable smile on my face, seriously contemplating ordering in again tomorrow. This is by far my FAVORITE food to have delivered in the area. Thank you so much, Cookhouse

Theramin Dsydr